Individual & Couples Therapy

Simply put, I work with people who are struggling. I help them understand themselves more fully and in so doing, create lives that are more satisfying and productive.

Sometimes people want help with a very specific issue–say, relationship conflict within a couple–and other times, individuals have a core sense that something isn’t “right” in their lives, and want help in figuring out what’s working, and what needs to change.

I work with older children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in my practice. Please visit the Family Therapy page if you’d like more details on how I work with the entire family unit.

How I Work

My principle way of working with people is through using psychoanalytic psychotherapy (also known as psychodynamic psychotherapy). Our main goal is to decrease your suffering and increase self-understanding, as well as deepening insight into the emotional issues and conflicts which lie underneath your current difficulties.

It is an incredibly effective therapy that has been well studied and proven effective with many different types of people and problems.  It can be especially helpful for people who haven’t found relief with other, less intensive forms of treatment.  My way of working is entirely customized to you and what you need.  It is not a manualized, formulaic way of working.  It is a personal and personalized experience.  No two clients’ treatments are the same.  

Because of the nature of this type of therapy, I see clients a minimum of once per week. Many times therapy sessions occur several times per week. The focus is completely on you—on the exploration of your inner experience, and how it affects your daily life, as it carries over from significant events and relationships of the past, and even how it shows itself in our therapeutic relationship. Clients typically describe me as authentic, kind, and able to hear and help them make sense of painful experiences.

Many practitioners say that they use psychoanalytic psychotherapy in sessions with clients, but that does not mean they have completed formal training in this modality. I completed a rigorous advanced training program which included two years of intensive post-graduate coursework and ongoing presentations of my clinical work to senior therapists.

After completing my training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I joined the faculty of the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center where I teach classes and advise other therapists enrolled in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy training program.

Please call me at 503-941-8908 or email me at if you’d like more information or to arrange an appointment.

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