Family Therapy

Family relationships are among the most complex relationships we will ever have. We may grapple with contradictory and confusing feelings of love, anger, and/or disconnection with those who are ideally supposed to love and support us unconditionally.

I work with families who have difficulty working together or understanding one another. We may choose to work for a limited number of sessions on a specific issue, or we may choose open-ended therapy to increase connection, facilitate understanding and promote ongoing growth within the entire family unit. We’ll work on skills that can apply to your relationships both inside and outside the family.

When working with families, I conceptualize the entire family as the client. In other words, no one person is the reason the family is in my office. Our overall goals will be for each member to understand where the others are coming from, and build skills to listen, respond, and support each other moving forward.

Please call me at 858-227-7181 or email me at if you’d like more information or to arrange an appointment.

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